Brutal Strength 

 Marcus Anthony: The lead singer of Brutal Strength. He's tall, over six feet, with a narrow build and sculpted chest. He has untamed dark brown hair that just kisses his broad shoulders...a strong nose, a chiseled jaw, and sky blue eyes.When he's in a good mood, he has a cute lopsided smile. But the rest of the time he's got an attitude, a big one.

 John Raymond (JR): The drummer for Brutal Strength is lean and corded with muscle, drumming is a lot of exercise after all. He has long layers of sun streaked blond hair, mossy green eyes, and a close cut beard and mustache several shades darker than his hair. He's suave and sophisticated but a bit of a brand label whore. 

 Chris Alex: Man candy handsome and he knows it. Former hair band idol working on his comeback as a solo artist. Tight bod, perfectly mussed brown hair, milk chocolate eyes, and the world famous, mega wattage 'Chris Alex' smile


 Bryan "Bullet" Jackson: Tempest lead guitarist. Scale of one to ten, too high to rank. Light brown hair in a faux hawk over darker brown brows with just the right amount of thickness and arch to highlight an arresting pair of greyish green eyes.


                   FORMER Lead Singer