Sits down, checks his cell, runs an agitated hand through his shoulder length brown hair)

Marcus Anthony: What were your first thoughts when you heard Avery play for the first time?

   (Piercing blue eyes look up) I thought she was really talented for someone so young. Very accomplished. 

Marcus Anthony: Describe Avery in 5 words.

    Marcus. Anthony's. Dream. Come. True. 

Marcus Anthony: What made you pick Avery as the new guitarist for Brutal Strength?

    Obviously talent. It was more than that though... from the beginning I felt a connection I'd never felt before with anyone else.

Marcus Anthony: If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be?

     Among many other things... my drug addiction because I'm a person who likes to be in control and I gave that up when I was doing them.

Marcus Anthony: What do you see in the future for Brutal Strength?

    We're getting back to writing music with integrity. Not just cranking out what's commercially appealing. We're focused on making music that means something to us. 

Marcus Anthony: What’s your favorite hot dog topping? 

   Not fish flakes or wasabi. I stick with something generic like mustard. 

Marcus Anthony: During that first writing session with Avery, what were some of the things going through your mind?

    Avery was so nervous I wasn't sure we would be able to work effectively. Once she relaxed that rapport I felt at the audition returned. As good a guitar player as she is, she's also a real   great lyricist, too, which isn't one of my strengths. I thought there was a lot of untapped potential there.

Marcus Anthony: You have a very strong relationship with your family, in one word describe each member.

    I guess I would say my brother, Dwight, is steady. He's everything a big brother should be. He's the anchor of the band. Always has the right answer in every situation. 
    My Mom is solid. What I really mean by that is you can always count on her. She's strong. Sees right through all my bs. I can always rely on her. 
    My Dad is sensitive. He's a gentle soul. Always trying to make everyone feel at home. Plus I got my corny sense of humor from him.

Marcus Anthony: Soooo….how much can you bench press now?

    About three hundred and ten right now.

Marcus Anthony: Girls….long hair or short?

    Short & red (laughing)

Marcus Anthony: What’s your all-time favorite band? Your favorite song (not Brutal Strength’s of course…)?

     I'm kinda partial to The Who. "Behind Blue Eyes" describes me pretty well.

Marcus Anthony: What’s your favorite song off of Brutal Strength’s new album?

    It would be "Love Evolution" because Avery wrote it for me.

Marcus Anthony: If you had a twin, what sort of stunt would you try to pull to make someone think you were the other?

    I'd send my twin out on the road and keep Avery home with me in Vancouver (winks) 

Marcus Anthony: We know you are extremely musically talented, but which instrument is your favorite to play?

    Believe it or not the piano because it's where I got started in music. And it's still the instrument I find myself gravitating toward when I have something really important to say. Plus I don't get to much with it on stage. I'm mainly rhythm and keyboards. 

Marcus Anthony: When you first found out about the real Avery…what was the first thing that popped into your head?

   Shocked but in the end really happy. 

Marcus Anthony: What gave you the idea for your “make-up” performance for Avery?

I've said it before but I'm not always that good with words. But I wanted to do something that demonstrated to her how important she is to me and it seemed like a memorable way to do that. 

How does it feel to be a “Book Boyfriend?” 

Marcus: *mutters under breath* “Sucks. Mary made me do it.”

JR: “It’s cool.”

Chris: “Honored.”

Bryan: “What they all said, except for the grumpy dude.”

What’s your favorite part about it? 

Marcus: “Are you kiddin’ me?”

JR: “prestige.”

Chris: “Publicity for the new cd.”

Bryan: “the notoriety.”

Is there anything about being one that you really hate or would change if you could? 

Marcus: “Heck, yeah. I hate everyone knowing my personal s***”

JR: “No way. I love it, but I think I deserve a sequel.”

Chris: “I’d leave out some of Sara’s inner monologue. Strike the ‘bedazzled Elton John’ line.”

Bryan: “Nah. My books not out yet. May 2013. But it better bring me a lot of chicks.”

What do you think makes you a good book boyfriend? Like, what gets the ladies all jello legged and swooning? 

Marcus: *runs hands through unruly brown hair* “I’d say my music, but you probably should ask Avery that question.”

JR: *raises tawny brow* “My rhythm.”

Chris: *flashes ‘Chris Alex’ megawatt smile*

Bryan: “Besides the guitar and the tats?” *shrugs*  “My reputation.”

Are you a romantic hearts and flowers kind of guy?

Marcus: “With the right woman.”

JR: “Heck, yeah. Ask Sam about our hockey date.”

Chris: “Um, yeah. Seduction is my second middle name.” follow up question: what’s your first? “Sexy.” *laughs*

Bryan: “Hell, no!”

What could a girl expect on a date with you? 

Marcus: “Hang out at the apartment, listen to me play guitar, look out at the view of the Vancouver waterfront.”

JR: “lots of cardio.”

Chris: “They’d have access to all of this.” *gestures to himself*

Bryan: “I don’t date.”

What about a good night kiss? Or maybe a little more… 

Guess the book boyfriend. Excerpt from Love REVOLUTION…

As soon as her lips touched his, her plan for a short brief kiss flew out the window. He slanted his head and moved his mouth in a way that left no doubt to who was really in charge. The guy could teach an advanced course in the art of kissing. His lips were warm and smooth against hers, hypnotic and seductive. She parted her lips, swallowing the deep moan that echoed her own.

Ok now to the really gritty stuff…. 

Best pick up line you’ve used? 

Excerpt from Love RESOLUTION …

“I get bored. They’re all the same.” Bryan traced a finger around her silver cuff. “Only one woman I’m really interested in right now.”

“Oh, please.” The guy was such a flirt, but she could totally see what all the fuss was about. She wet her dry lips. “Does that line usually work for you?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never used it before.” He stared at her mouth. “Is it working? Maybe I need further research to be sure.” 

Favorite sexual position? 

Marcus: *piercing blue eyes stare at interviewer* “Next.”

JR: “Whatever turns her on.”

Chris: “Let’s just say I like to be in charge.”

Bryan: “I have to pick one?”

Do you like dirty girls or the girl next door? 

Marcus: “The boy next door.” *Laughs* “Inside joke.”   Read Love Evolution.

JR: “Sweet Texas girl.”

Chris: “Leggy with attitude.”

Bryan: “Noticed the plural on dirty girls.” *chuckles* “The badder the better.”

Most exciting or adventurous place you got, ahem, down and dirty? 

Marcus: *exasperated sigh* “Next.”

JR: “Next.”

Chris: “back of my ’66.”

Bryan: *lids lower over his grey green eyes* “Most?” *glances at interviewer* “How much time you got?”

Thanks for the insight into your world. We had a blast hanging out with you. Got a nice little Valentine message you want to give to your fans? 

“Love is a journey, not a destination.”        Read about Avery and Marcus in Love EVOLUTION.

                                                                     JR and Samantha and Chris & Sara in Love REVOLUTION.

                                                                     Avery, Marcus, and Bryan in Love RESOLUTION       


Denise is back stage at the KeyArena with Marcus Anthony, the lead singer of Brutal Strength.

“Tonight’s the launch of the Love Evolution tour,” I begin, tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear. “Are you excited?”

Sky blue eyes focus on me for a moment. I’ve seen pics of this guy. They don’t do him justice. There’s an intense charisma that rolls off him in waves that the camera doesn’t come close to capturing. “I’m excited to perform for our fans in Seattle.” His voice is rich and smooth. It makes me think of low bedside lighting and tangled sheets. My gaze inventories the rest: broad shoulders in a worn Who concert t-shirt and long legs in distressed denim that are stretched out so enticingly near. I confess thinking about putting my hand on his knee. Just a little squeeze. I want to feel the heat and the strength of him. I want…

“Yes, well.” I swallow and glance back at my iPad notes. “This is your first time on tour with your fiancée, Avery Jones. Is that going to put a damper on the… umm, the usual after concert activities the band is known for?”

“I can’t speak for JR or Dwight.” He lifts a dark brow and gives me a hooded sidelong glance. “But I’ll be with Avery. She’s my life now. The woman I always hoped to find. What I did in the past, I’m not proud of, and I’d like to keep in the past.”

Another blogger slips into the folding chair on the other side of us. He’s wearing a t-shirt that says, “Rock is dead.” It has a tombstone under the slogan. I instantly dislike him.

“So you won’t be in a drugged out haze this time around?” the other blogger asks. “Like you were during the 2011 tour?”

Marcus’ blue eyes turn icy. His sculpted lips flatten. He looks over his shoulder at a man with wire rimmed glasses. “Who’s this guy, Trevor,” I hear him whisper.

“Greg Straight from Straight Talk Music.” Greg cocks a brow. “Afraid of a few touch questions from a local blogger, huh?”

“No.” Marcus shakes his head, his blue eyes steely. “But I suggest we keep on topic. Why don’t you ask me about the music on the new album?”

“Sure.” The man’s voice drops an octave. “About that. Avery wrote all the lyrics, didn’t she?”

Marcus nods, silky brown hair sliding forward brushing against a strong stubble shadowed jaw. “Yeah. Avery’s one of the best lyricists I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. We collaborate…”

“Yes.” Greg interrupts. “Speaking of pleasure and collaborating. I’ve just seen your female guitarist. She’s a real hot piece. Really talented, isn’t she? Convenient how she dropped into your lap, right when your career was stalling out.”

In one blindingly quick movement, Marcus leaps to his feet. His hands are clenched into fists. “This is bullshit!” He kicks his folding chair back and leans over Greg. Over six feet of muscled, pissed off alpha male. “You ever call my fiancée a piece again and I’ll shove that stupid effing t-shirt down your sleazy throat!”

After that explosion, Marcus stomps off. I notice that the guys from Tempest and the rest of the twenty or so members of the press have stopped to stare.

A pair of glittering light grey green eyes meet mine. “What’d you do to piss him off, beautiful?” he asks.

“It wasn’t me.” I gesture at Greg, who’s being escorted out by a large man in a leather jacket.

Mr. Grey Green Eyes stands and pulls back a chair for me. “I’m Bryan Jackson. Come sit with me and the guys…” He pauses. It takes me a minute to catch on that he’s waiting for me to introduce myself. My higher brain function’s gone totally haywire. My fingers twitch, itching to reach over and sweep the longish lock of light brown hair out of his eyes. But then I notice the rest of the package and my attention drifts lower…lean muscles and tat sleeves…oh, my…