It's getting close. The next installation in the Tempest saga. I can't wait to share the cover and the rocking story with you. 
In the meantime, I'm offering a Black Cat Records or a Tempest silicone concert bracelet to the first twenty people who sign up on my mailing list and put up a review on Amazon on the Tempest Raging box set.

If you have read and reviewed the individual books or listened to the audios just copy and paste your reviews onto Tempest Raging.

A review on Amazon doesn't require a twenty word minimum anymore. So you can just star it and put one or two words. "Great set. Rocking." however you feel led.

Email me at when you are done and I'll get your address to mail you your prize.

Also, if you have anybody that you think would like to read the Tempest Raging set, please lend them your copy or 
have them contact me. I would love for them to read it and review it, too.

Now is a really good time to get started with the reprobate rockers from Seattle.

Rock and read on,

Mary Timmons,
CEO of Black Cat Records and all its holdings and affiliates