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Rock F*ck Club #2 is .99 !!!

Posted by Michelle Mankin on Wednesday, September 5, 2018,
2 best friends. Going to rock concerts. Ranking rockers. Can they overturn double standards?
Book 3 releases TOMORROW!!! The baddest bad boy rocker I have ever written. But you know what they say? The badder they are the hotter it is when they fall.
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Rock F*ck Club #1 is .99 or FREE in KU

Posted by Michelle Mankin on Sunday, September 2, 2018,
Why should the guys have all the fun?
Rock F*ck Club #1 is .99 or FREE in Kindle Unlimited.
Rock F*ck Club #1 GET LUCKY
Rock F*ck Club #2 GET EMPOWERED
Rock F*ck Club #3 GET CAUGHT
Looking at the world from a different perspective might change your point of view.

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Wicked After Dark: 20 Steamy Paranormal Tales...

Posted by Michelle Mankin on Tuesday, October 6, 2015,
Happy release day to all the ‪#‎GetWickedAfterDark‬ Authors. And Happy Halloween reading to the Wicked Readers. Everyone has worked so hard and given so generously and freely so all proceeds can go to the Epilepsy Foundation. It feels WICKEDLY Good!!!! 

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