Maybe it's just me but I'm really liking these sexy guys from Black Cat Records?

Marcus Anthony: The lead singer of Brutal Strength. He's tall, over six feet, with a narrow build and a sculpted chest. He has untamed dark brown hair that just kisses his broad shoulders...a strong nose, a chiseled jaw, and sky blue eyes.When he's in a good mood, he has a cute lopsided smile. But the rest of the time he's got an attitude, a big one.

John Raymond (JR): The drummer for Brutal Strength is lean and corded with muscle, drumming is a lot of exercise after all. He has long layers of sun streaked blond hair, mossy green eyes, and a close cut beard and mustache several shades darker than his hair. He's suave and sophisticated but a bit of a brand label whore. 

Chris Alex: Man candy handsome and he knows it. Former hair band idol working on his comeback as a solo artist. Tight bod, perfectly mussed brown hair, milk chocolate eyes, and the world famous, mega wattage 'Chris Alex' smile

or soon to be revealed in book three..., Bryan "the Bullet" Jackson: Tempest guitarist. Scale of one to ten, too high to rank. Light brown hair in a faux hawk over darker brown brows with just the right amount of thickness and arch to highlight an arresting pair of greyish green eyes.