I love my job. love how an unexpected project spoke to me and 24,000 words later and I'm well into ‪#‎Outside‬, a second chance rockin' love story I never expected to write. 
Hopefully releasing soon...

Unedited excerpt:

I knew it to be true but it was too soon to speak the words aloud. So I decided to show her. Soft at first like the first time, I touched my lips to hers to declare my intention to cherish her. But I wouldn’t be able to keep them there because I had wanted her from the start, because she was a fever surging through my blood, because her lips were the chemistry that initiated the madness.

“Linc,” she breathed. “Linc.” Her eyes were seductively lowered, the lush warmth of her mouth spilling over mine and her fingers moving restlessly on the front of my shirt as if she didn’t know what to do with all of the need coursing through her.