Monday musings. 1. May wore me out. In a good way. It was so cool to see so many of you and get hugs in Atlanta and Chicago. 1a. I have decided to unofficially adopt a cute little popet from New Zealand 1b. I miss the princess in her tower
2. I LOVED seeing the Foofighters live and Tom Petty sigh I am still swooning weeks later.
3. My sister lives to far away. It was the trip of this decade to spend a week with her and her husband though.
4. My youngest son writes kickass poetry. My oldest makes me cry with how sweet he is to his grandparents.
5. I am back at WORK. I missed writing. A certain character has been banging his drumsticks inside my head for six weeks now. "Orale," he says. "Michelle Mankin. Andale. It is time to tell my story." 15k words in. I love this sexy Latino. Scandalous Beat. The last book in the Tempest series. Coming soon. For more information on my writing progress follow me at Author Michelle Mankin on Facebook or instagram. My 2 favorite social medial platforms...