Rock on! June 19, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
If you like love, rock-n-roll, and a dash of mistaken identity, this book is for you!

Avery's world is turned upside down by the death of her brother and her involvement in his mob goings on. Meanwhile, band Brutal Strength is planning a comeback after lead singer, Marcus Anthony, is released from rehab. The chemistry between Avery and Marcus is palpable in an instant, although there is more to Avery than meets Marcus's eye.

Written in the 3rd person, we are able to take the journey with Avery and Marcus equally. I could feel Avery's anxiety about her brother and budding feelings for Marcus as equally as I could feel Marcus's confusion- though I would have liked to be inside Marcus's head a little more because I found him quite fascinating.

Michelle clearly has a musical background, or at the very least a rock obsession, because the dynamics of a performing group, the internal struggles of artists, and the lyrics themselves were top notch. This book made me fall deeper in love with musicians than I already am! There were some parts where I was left wanting more, and not necessarily because I felt anything was lacking- I just wanted more because it was good and I'm greedy!

The supporting characters were excellent- in the very few lines we spent with Marcus's mother, I fell in love with her. The band mates were honest and real, and everyone involved with PR and other aspects of the industry were spot-on. With one line near the end, I fell madly in love with band mate JR :)

The climax of the story unravels and wraps up quite quickly, but you truly feel it happening in real time. The pages leading up to the resolution were honest and fun. There could easily be a sequel to this book and, frankly, I hope there is because I want to get deep inside the relationship of Avery and Marcus.

This is a light YA read, and stays true to its genre- well done Michelle!