It's awesome...leaves ya wanting more! I finished mine already!

So I am reading an Advanced Copy of Love Revolution by the AWESOME Michelle Mankin! Omg it is sooooooo GOOD!!!! 55% in and have to take a break...and when I say break I mean putting it in "the freezer"...oh man! You guys are gunna LOVE it!!! — 

Need a good book to read? This is your book!! Fantastic, fast paced storyline. Great characters. Rock and Roll. Need another reason? No, you don't! Go get it! The sequel (Love Revolution) will be out November 14th. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on an advanced copy...phenominal! I loved it! Michelle Mankin is good stuff, you guys!

 I've made it to chapter 17 and positively loving everything so far  

 I read it all afternoon at work and while in line waiting to vote. I can't put it down

Check out Michelle Mankin's FACEBOOK page. I just read LOVE EVOLUTION by her a few weeks ago and it was AMAZING!!

OMG!!!!!! .... that is all :D

LR--- AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!! Loved how both the stories were in it.

You write a beautiful story Michelle.