Brutal Strength 

 Love Evolution

Music & Lyrics by Marcus Anthony & Avery Jones

Knew it was wrong but felt so right

Felt love grow for you each day and night

I had to wait and rightly so

Knowing soon you’d know

Love stages, love changes, love grows

Love evolving that is love evolution



Music  & Lyrics by Marcus Anthony & Avery Jones

Oh brother why’re you always bossing me

Think you know what’s best for me

Brothers love, brothers fight

Brothers take years to get it right

Mother’s Gift

Music & Lyrics by Marcus Anthony & Avery Jones

A box of music I keep close

For when I need your presence most

Mystery it holds for me

What’s inside brings clarity

Mom while memories fade your songs reveal

Our love remains, my heart will heal 


Siren Call

Music & Lyrics by Marcus Anthony & Avery Jones

A siren calls him, a heavenly voice

He cannot resist, there is no choice

Up on the rocks, he feels no fear

She lures him there, the edge is near

An untimely fall, now she will rejoice

 The Road

(That Leads to Leavin’ You)

Music & Lyrics by Chris Alex and Sara Daniels

If I’d known where it would go?

That the road I traveled down

Would lead to leavin’ you?

Like a fool, my heart laid bare

Full of trust, without one care,

I couldn’t see the wreck that lay

Ahead of me along the way

That the road I barreled down

Would lead to leavin’ you


Music & Lyrics by Justin and Avery Jones

Remember all those lies you told

When you set me on your knee?

Found out the truth as I grew old

I guess that's how it had to be.

It hurts me worse than it hurts you

A kiss won't make it all go away

This deals too awful to be true

It's just the price I've had to pay.

When you're finally broken

There's no last minute reprieve

No harsh words remain spoken

All that's left to do is grieve.


Music by Marcus Anthony & Lyrics by Avery Jones

We set sail with so much promise

Seeking treasures on some shore

But soon the whirlwind was upon us

I couldn't reach you anymore

Drowning in a sea of silence 

Lost in the depths of my despair

Way past time I paid my penance

Harder still cause you're not there



Music & Lyrics by Warren Jinkins & Bryan Jackson

Since you were born you wanted life a certain way

Not quite buying all the lies that you've been told

But some things shouldn't ever see the light of day

Cause before you know it your innocence is sold.

I'm the truth

You say you wanted some

Well brother, here I come

You ain't gonna like me

I'm the truth

I'll flip you upside down

And burn you to the ground

Now how do you like me?


Music & Lyrics by Lace Lowell

If I ask you to begin

Would you make me all brand new

I would never let it end

Build a world for me and you.

My forbidden love

Do you feel the same?

I come all undone

When you breathe my name

Am I just wishing things

That will never be?

My forbidden love

Will you ever be with me?

My Way or the Highway

Music & Lyrics by Warren Jinkins & Bryan Jackson

Speeding through the intersection

Crowding the yellow line

I'm not about to change directions

Close your eyes we'll be fine.

Cause it's my way or the highway

Just so you know

My way or the highway

I'll show you where to go.

Girl Behind the Glass

Music by Justin Jones and Dizzy Lowell, Lyrics by Justin Jones

Image in the mirror

The fairest of them all

I want to wake you from your slumber

Behind that frozen wall.

No matter what your demons are

I'm equal to the task

Strike 'em all down for you

All you need to do is ask.

Girl behind the glass

I'm waiting right outside

Can you see my reflection?

Are you feeling our connection?

There inside your crystal world?